SchoolConsole FAQS

Q. What is SchoolConsole? SchoolConsole is a school management software which can be used for several purposes. Records like student admission details, fee structure of different courses, complete details of teaching staff, etc., can be obtained in a structured manner within few minutes. It is web-based software which can be accessed from anywhere.

Q. What are benefits of SchoolConsole? SchoolConsole is one-of-its-kind software which can be used by students, teachers, parents and management of school. The software provides timely and accurate information about attendance, exam schedule, teachers’ detail, fee details, course module to name a few. Implementation of the software ensures streamlining the processes, reducing paper work and thereby resulting in better decision making.

Q. Which kind of education institution can use SchoolConsole software? Any education institution where there is a need of proper management, SchoolConsole is the best to use there. The SchoolConsole software is suitable for small, medium-sized and large schools. Moreover, the software works quite well when used even at university levels.

Q. How SchoolConsole is different from other school management software? SchoolConsole is regarded as one of the most robust and scalable school management software encompassing advanced features. Designed and developed with years of research, the software is easy to customize and equipped with several modules. User-friendly interface and affordability are two factors making it one of the most sought after software in the market.

Q. Will our data remain safe and secure in SchoolConsole? Yes, clients’ data will remain 100% secure and confidential in SchoolConsole software. The software is inbuilt with data back-up facility, which can be retrieved by our clients easily.

Q. Do you offer support services? We offer support services round-the-clock. You only need to raise your concern over phone or email; our support team will contact and resolve your problems as earliest as possible.

Q. Can reports be exported into PDF or excel format? Yes. Whenever the system generates report, it gives option to user to convert it into PDF or Excel, MS Word etc format.

Q. What is the preferred mode of payment? We accept payment online where customers can pay either via debit card, credit card or through net banking facility. Even if client is interested in making payment via cheque, we accept the same as well.

Q. Is there any hidden charge? No. We always believe in making long-term relationship with our customers therefore never hide any details from them. Our professionals will tell in detail the total cost of software, what all it includes and about annual maintenance charges.

Q. Will training be provided regarding usage of the software? Of course, Yes. Our professionals will provide complete training about the software feature, how to use it, etc. The training can be arranged over phone or in person also, as per clients’ specifications.

Q. Can I upgrade my package after initial months of usage? Of course, you can .

Q. For how long can I use the software? As long as you want! You only need to renew the contract every year and can use it for indefinite time period.

Q. Can money be refunded in case I do not like software? Well, it never happens in so many years. We have sound record of satisfactory clients.